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Excess Baggage Fee Baggage on Air China-Operated Flights

Weight concept, Mainland China Piece concept, international/regional routes
In the case of transportation within China for the whole journey, the rules on excess baggage contained in the “China Civil Aviation Rules on Domestic Carriage of Passenger and Baggage” (Decree 49, CAAC) apply. The excess baggage fee per kilo is 1.5% of the highest published non-stop, one-way and adult Economy Class fare. The fees are collected in RMB, and the number is rounded up.Size: The length, width and height shall not exceed:100cm (40 in) x 60cm (24 in) x40cm (16 in) Fee collection for ordinary baggage that exceeds the upper limitson the weight, dimensions and number of pieces RMB USD
Not exceeding the limits on the number of pieces Exceeding the limits on weightor dimensions 490 75
Exceeding the limits on both weightand dimensions 700 110
Exceeding the limits on the number of pieces 1st piece in excess 700 110
2nd piece in excess 1000 155
3rd piece in excess 1500 230
4th piece in excess 2200 340
5th piece in excess 3100 480
6th piece in excess 4500 690
Non-USD sales units outside China should collect the excess baggage fees denominated in the local currency based on the going exchange rates of the day of transaction between RMB and the local currencies when collecting. Non-USD sales units outside China should collect the excess baggage fees denominated in the local currency based on the going exchange rates of the day between USD and the local currency.


  1. Weight: Each piece of ordinary baggage shall not weigh over 32 kg (70 lb). Any baggage that weighs over 32 kg (70 lb) must be split into two pieces.
  2. Dimensions: The sum of the length, width and height of each piece of ordinary checked baggage shall not exceed 203 cm (80 in), but shall not be less than 60 cm (24 in).
  3. Number of pieces: The maximum number of pieces of ordinary checked baggage each passenger can check = Free checked baggage allowance provided by the ticket purchased + Benefit for PhoenixMiles members + 6 additional pieces of baggage for which excess baggage fees are to be paid (including ordinary baggage and special baggage).

The 7th additional piece of baggage and above for which excess baggage fees are to be paid must be transported as cargo.

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