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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Code: ATL

Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), 6000 N Terminal Pkwy , Atlanta, GA 30320, United States

Opening hours: Friday 4:30 -7 m, Saturday 4:30 -6 m, Sunday 4:30 -7 m, Monday 4:30 -7 m, Tuesday 4:30 -7 m, Wednesday 4:30 -7 m, Thursday 4:30 -7 m.

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United Club – Lounges official website: https://www.united.com/CMS/en-US/products/travelproducts/Pages/UnitedClub.aspx

Facilities | Amenities at United Club

Complimentary beverages and light snacks, Complimentary bar service, Agent assistance with reservations, seat assignments and electronic ticketing, Complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access, Complimentary local phone calls, Complimentary use of color/black and white printers, Private phone booths with speakerphonesFootnote, Current periodicals and newspapers, Complimentary use of showersFootnote, Information on local dining and entertainment options.

✆ Call Now: +1-800-221-1212